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Here is the urban, sophistication of symmetry. Pillars and tiling, monochromatic colours, careful use of space. Understated effects that are both formal and bold.

The cosmopolitan look extends from bi-fold doors, to balconies and ironwork.



Imagine gracious surroundings with sweeping staircases, grand entrance ways, with arches, columns and balconies forming architectural highlights. Open up double doors into noble rooms or onto elegant terraces. Put a gazebo a short way from the house and instill everything with a dignified character. These houses are our stately homes.



French doors that open up to bring the outside in, conservatories, spacious hallways, bay windows,wide verandahs... this is our idea of your traditional home.

From generous use of timber to ceiling roses and friezes, skirting boards and architraves, the style is distinctive yet expansive enough to allow for personal taste.




Think back to the colonial charm of verandahs, a high pitched roof, finials, fretwork, rambling honeysuckle vines and a mass of old fashioned roses. That's the inspiration for our cottage style of homes. Country living that's cosy and relaxed, with roaring fireplaces, a cottage kitchen, coved ceilings and a relaxed casual intimacy.

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